I'm Not Crazy; I'm a Christian


Blogs Still Aren’t Blah!

Hey all! It’s Kat. Thanks for stopping by. Still working on something very special for my 50th blog post.  In the meantime, I made another compilation video of past articles. To see the full video, please check out my Rumble…

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Blogs Aren’t Blah!

Hey all! It’s Kat. Thanks for stopping by. I’m working on something very special for my 50th blog post. It may take a little while. In the meantime, I made a short video featuring some highlights from previous articles. To…

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Be The Court Jester And Nobody’s Fool

 Some people want to be kings. Others want to be queens. I’d rather be the court jester. To understand why I aspire to such a position, we need to first examine what the role of the court jester was throughout…

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Make Big Plans

I’d just finished my Chinese takeout with my family. As is my custom, I grabbed the fortune cookie facing toward me. Have you noticed the messages aren’t really fortunes these days? Sometimes they are odd statements or random thoughts, but…

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Do The Rules Apply?

In a recent conversation with a close friend I said something I’ve said many times over the past couple of years. Not thinking too much of it, I just continued talking. My dear friend stopped me and said, “Wait a…

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Jesus In The Glove Box

This title may be my silliest yet. There’s a story behind it. (There’s always a story.) My parents donated to various Catholic organizations and charities. They would often receive little trinkets and such as thank you gifts. Because my parents…

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Religion vs. Relationship

Here’s a quick video from me promoting my third vlog. The topic this week is Religion vs. Relationship. Who will win? With everything going on in the world, many of us desire to connect or reconnect with something greater than…

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Lose The Attitude…Unless It’s Gratitude

Attitudes. We all have them. Most of them are not so terrific. What if we determined to begin each day with a grateful, thankful heart? Would it make a difference? My attitude is pure gratitude for all of you! Due…

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The Why Of The What

In honor of my 20th consecutive blog post, I decided to do a special video version on the subject of uncovering our heart, mind and motivations behind what we do. The file size was too large for this platform, so…

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Your Lips Are Moving…But Nothing Else Is

I wonder how many songs have been written from the perspective of someone calling out someone else for saying one thing and doing another. Think about the number of times you’ve watched a scene in a movie or TV show…

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